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4 Steps in Picking the Right Foundation Shade for Your Skin Tone

Picking the right foundation shade can be a struggle for some of us. Some may be whiter than our skin tone and some maybe darker. To achieve the natural look with your foundation, it is important that you pick the right shade for your skin. If you are having a hard time doing this, beauty consultants just like me, are here to help you  find the right one. But usually, we do the following easy steps in picking the right shade of foundation.

Step 1 : Swipe foundation from cheek to jawline.

Photo credit : Elemis

Step 2: View in a natural light. If the foundation seems to disappear, then that is your shade.

Step 3: In the Philippines, we have two seasons, summer  and rainy seasons. So it is very important that you should also consider that your skin tone will also vary depending on the season. Most likely your skin tone is darker during summer.

Step 4: If you are acidic, go for 1 shade lighter than your skin tone because your foundation will turn darker during the day.

If you need my help in finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone, leave your information below. I promise you that I will never share them publicly.

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