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How I Earned P 15,000 on Groceries

My husband and I are on our journey of getting debt free and part of our solution in taking care of all our debts is to budget our money as wise as possible so that we will only spend on those which are essentials and use our remaining money to pay our debts.

Well, for most of us, acquiring debt is just normal since most of us are born and raise in a family wherein we are told that we need to have debt in order for us to survive. But actually, this is not what the bible is telling us. In fact, God wants us to have a debt free life.

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.” – Proverbs 22:6-7

” Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law.” – Romans 13:8

Besides from budgeting, I came across with this strategy on how to earn over P 15000 a year while spending on our groceries. Maybe for some, you are aware of this and are doing this for the longest time, but I am sharing this to help those people especially all the mommies who are in charge of their family budget and are trying so hard to make it work. Yes, it’s true, you can earn money while you are spending for your groceries.

So this is how I do it. I list all of the things that we need for the week. This is to ensure that we only buy those things that we need for the week. To earn back some of the money we spent, I use the following during payment.

1.SM Prestige or SM Advantage Card 

Photo credit: SM Advantage

You can earn and redeem SMAC points at SM Retail and partner establishments nationwide. For every P 200 worth of spend, you will earn 1 point. Each point has a redemption value of P1.00. If you want to know more about SM Advantage and Prestige Cards or SM partners, you can visit SM Advantage website.

2. Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

Photo credit: Citibank

Instead of cash, I use my Citibank Cash Back credit card because of the amazing rebates that I am getting. I can get up to 6% discount at supermarkets, 2% on our MERALCO payment and 0.20% on all other purchases. To know more about the benefits of using Citibank Cash Back credit card, you can visit Citibank’s website.

In a year, I usually earn a maximum of P 12,000 from this credit card.

Although for most of us,  I encourage to use the cash back credit card in paying the groceries for the rebates, I don’t recommend it to those people who have problems in controlling themselves when it comes to spending through their credit cards. Maybe, this can make them broke if they can’t control themselves.

3. Snap Cart

Photocredit: Snapcart

It is now possible for us to earn additional cash using snapcart app which you can download from Google Play. It is also important that we always update this app so we can enjoy the latest updates on its benefits. Shoppers earn money through the frequency of receipt uploads.

“The new cashback system within the latest version of the app is now based on the total amount of purchase stated on the receipts. This will ensure the users’ ease and convenience in gaining more money without having to look for and buy specific promoted items shown on the application. In addition to the purchase-based cashback system, the new app is also giving more cashbacks for the users through the multiplier level scheme. This exciting scheme is set to drive more users’ loyalty and activity for the app, as it will reward users who routinely upload their receipts through users levels, in which every time a user steps up a level, the amount of cashbacks will multiply.” –Snapcart

How much you can earn from snapcart

Level Multiplier x Receipt Cashback = Cashback Total

  1. Level Multiplier – ” At the moment, there are five user levels; Regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more frequent a user upload his/her receipts, the faster they go up the levels and the more cashbacks they will get. For now, when a user have reached the Platinum level they will be given twice the amount of cashbacks as those on Regular level. For example, a user on Regular level can get IDR 1,000 worth of cashback from one receipt, and if the same user have reached the Platinum level, they can get IDR 2,000 cashback from one receipt. However, the exact amount of cashback a user can get depended on the amount of their purchase.” – Snapcart
  2. Receipt Cash Back – Depending on the total amount of purchase
  • Receipt total value is more than 2,001 = P 30
  • Receipt total value is between 1001- 2,000.99 = P 16
  • Receipt total value is between 501- 1,000.99 = P 8
  • Receipt total value is between 251- 500.99 = P 4
  • Receipt total value is between 101- 250.99 = P 1.75
  • Receipt total value is between 1 – 100.99 = P 0.50

So if you want to know more about Snapcart and its bonus features, you can visit their website here.

So that’s it. I hope that this will also help you in a way. Thank you so much for visiting my web space. Don’t forget to leave me a comment about how you think about this post.

Love you all !


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    1. Hi Dawn. I did. Actually I just started in April also. You can press the cash out button. You have the option if you want the money to be transferred to your bank account, or credited to your phone or if you want to receive a voucher.

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