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How I Earned P 15,000/Week Extra-Income At Home

Well I guess, every family nowadays need extra-income to cover some of the family needs. When I transitioned from a full-time employee to a mompreneur to spend more time with my kids, managing our home finances was really a challenge. My husband and I were really struggling going from two incomes to one income.

And so I thought of a lot of ways on how to increase our family income or else we will not be able to pay some of our bills. One of the things I do to help my husband cover some of our expenses is selling quality and established skin and established skincare and makeup products at home, online and on-the-go.

The great thing I love about this business is I am earning while I am spending time with my kiddos. It is not a full-time thing so I can do it wherever and whenever I want. I can earn as much as I put time into it.

I know that there are also a lot of Stay-At-Home-Moms (SAHMs) who are eager to help their husbands financially but they need to stay home and be with the kids.

Well, GREAT NEWS, Momshies! I created a group dedicated for the SAHMs who would want to earn extra-income and learn on how to manage family finances at the same time for FREE.

If you are very interested in joining our group for FREE so you can start earning and learning immediately, fill up the form below.

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